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All roads lead to Baja.

It was a hot summer day, as I return to the land that watched me come to life and said goodbye to the one that watched me grow. The moving part was easy. For a 30-year-old leaving in Mexico, I’ve relocated more than what it's considered normal over there. You see, military life is not a thing in Mexico. So, besides being a nomad, there is no other reason to move that much. But oh! I am a nomad!

The first time was when I came to Mexico, and I was five years old. Little did I know that twenty-five years later, I would relocate for good. Before then, I moved a lot around Baja, gaining the opportunity to learn all about it. Its people, its unique lifestyle, it’s delicious food. I soaked up on everything. I grew up in Ensenada, but I grew wiser in Mexicali. The first time I drove a car on my neighborhood street, then got lost and found the road back in Tijuana. I learned to swim at Rosarito and experienced how to enjoy the sea at Mulege. You get to know what you are made of when you take a walk across the Rumorosa Desert with a flat tire. You get a deeper understanding for life under the mantle of stars in San Pedro Martir. You get a deeper appreciation for home, when you move to another Country.

So, there I was, two vans full of our personal belongings, the keys to my new life in my hands, and no food in my fridge. I went grocery shopping for the first time here in San Diego. I was mesmerized, all the cute little boxes, shiny and colorful like a rainbow. Grocery shopping in Mexico is so different; it took me a while to learn how to smart-shop here. But after a few years of trials and errors, I can finally tell you with confidence that you can absolutely recreate authentic Mexican Food, with ingredients found in your local store. After all, I use food to stay connected to my roots and to share them with my kids and now with you as well.

So, with that being said, I bring you my Ensenada Style Fish Tacos, a recipe honoring my hometown and the love for cooking that all of us in there have learned well.

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