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Cultural Fusions you can taste.

Every time I travel to Ensenada Baja, I got to eat! As much as I can! If you’ve ever been there you’ll probably know what I’m talking about! Ensenada’s Gastronomic Scene is something else! It offers you a wide selection of styles and trends, from classic cuisine to special fusions that stretch beyond everything we know about food. And I’m pleased to say this weekend’s choice was no exception!

Located at the developing area of the city, we visited SEKI Japanese Baja Cuisine and were amazed by the professionalism in which Chef Seki runs his show! His staff knows business, the place is small but warm and welcoming, and the food, compadres, THE FOOD! We asked him to surprise us, and he certainly did! We were pampered with 7 amazing entries, all product of his inspiration; as a recipe developer, Oliver Seki has been careful to imprint his personal signature in every single dish he creates, the result: A perfect fusion between Japanese Gastronomy and Baja’s regional style.

When approaching our table, he told us a bit about where he gets such inspiration. His grandpa, Hangiro Seki was part of a big Japanese migrant group fleeing Japan’s Boshin War. They came on fishing ships, settling in the region between Sinaloa and the Baja Peninsula, mainly La Paz and Ensenada. That’s why all this places have strong Japanese Culinary influences!! Who knew, right?

Oliver’s unique style, is a reflection of a merge between two cultures he deeply loves and understands to the point of creativity. Creativity you’ll be able to experience soon, as he told us he plans to open a @sandiego branch soon! And I’ll keep you guys posted, as this is one opportunity you can’t miss!

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