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Entertaining, My first memory.

This is me at 12yrs.

I discovered I was born to be a cook at 36. Now that I think of it, the signs were clear all along. My oldest memory is from a restaurant back in New Mexico when I was 1 or 2 years old. Ever since, food has been connected to my memory, highlighting those moments that would mark my life for better or worse. The good feelings, the bad ones, the sad, the sick and the joyful.

Growing up, I wasn't exposed to what you would call "good food". My dad had good "sazon," but his creations didn't look too appetizing. It wasn't until his older days, that he become a paella master. While growing up, I can remember this craving for good food and family moments. For me, it is not just about the food, but everything food represents; the bond, the laughter, the time together, the art of entertaining. I remember the first time I entertained guests. I was around 11 at the time and I overheard my dad say some of his friends were coming over to discuss issues at work. Obviously, this wasn't your average recreational gathering, but for a 90's kid of 11, there’s only so much you can understand about unions and civil rights. All I heard was "people finally coming over".

That was the first time I felt proud of myself...

Both of my parents used to be a bit anti-social at that time; we didn't have a lot of visitors. I remember making some entrees with what I could find. I made tuna salad drizzled with mayonnaise, mixed in raw broccoli and sprouts. Since we were out of crackers, I toasted some table bread and cut it out into small squares. I cut out some fruit and served it as a side. That's all I can remember about the food actually, but what I cannot forget, is two things: the puzzled look on my father’s face as I walk into the living room carrying my first ever glorious feast, and most importantly, the mental video recording eternally in my mind of Martin Barron, an old family friend, eating one of my tuna toasts. That was the first time I felt proud of myself.

The second time I felt a sense of pride, was when I nailed this deliciou recipe for the first time! Talking about memories and comfort feelings, you can’t go wrong with this Chicharrón en Salsa Verde Recipe!

Credit to NPR.ORG
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