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Hope, Unity and Blood.

This year, early in the morning, every single Mexican that cares about all things sacred, will turn on a T.V. and prepare to enter the roller-coaster of patriotic emotions, better known as Futbol. They call us Aficionados and let me tell you, we come in every shape and color, every age and size, every actual gender, economic background, education level and political affiliation! With the Mexican Flag as our uniform, Futbol will bind us; in the next 90 minutes, we will become unequivocally part of this wholeness beyond social status, ideologies, religion and other man-made borders meant to divide us. For every Mexican watching, Futbol will represent a call for UNITY!

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The love for our National Team El Tricolor flows like a thick stream of BLOOD in our culture permeating into our traditions; it goes way back to the Mayan era, where an original version of this ballgame was created, and the winners of the match would be sacrificed with outstanding ovations. Their blood spilled in the pyramid floors, was the ultimate honor. Nowadays, it's imprinted in our daily lives, filtering our memories, like the cement between the bricks of our archetypical existence. For example, watching our recent match, reminded me of a younger self, in the Korea World Cup 2002. I was staying awake at 4:00 am, drinking beer and chatting with my bestie, Priscilla, waiting for the Mexico Vs. Italy match to start. We did this religiously for all of Mexico's games. Something special was born then, and 16 years later, we still share those bonding moments, traveling together around the world and having one of the best friendships we could ever imagine!

Priscilla and I, about 16 years ago.

Fast forward to Germany's World Cup 2006, and I'm also drinking beer but now with my then date, today's husband, Tito. He took me and some friends to a local pub, where we all enjoyed the exciting match between Mexico and Argentina. It is not crazy to say that, amongst other important events, it was the way we connected in those Futbol dates, that we both realize we could make it work. After all, If we could survive the bittersweet emotions of a Futbol match, chances where we would easily survive anything else!

Me and Tito with some friends in one of our first dates

Futbol is itself, if you think of it, a metaphor of the Mexican life experience. The joy, the music, the food, the laughter, the passion, the anger, the sadness and the unfixable broken heart, which will never abandon us. It is a metaphor about our constant fight, the stubbornness within us; no matter how many times we've heard it's never going to happen, that we're just not good enough, we will keep trying to prove ourselves to the world! All the feelings experienced, will keep on feeding our inextinguishable flame of HOPE, the ever-recurring dream we all share, and which gave birth to an immortal idea of perseverance and triumph, which as our broken heart, will follow us forever. No matter how bad it was, or it actually is, Mexicans will always have hope in their hearts, for things to go better next time around. So, as you can see, our identity comes out in every single Futbol match, singing out loud our song of joy and tears. We are Mexico, after all, and like you probably know by now, we're not going anywhere!

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Hope, Unity, and Blood, each word the meaning of the colors in the Mexican Flag. Green represents Hope for a better life, the dream we keep on chasing. White is for Unity, the bond that makes us all part of the same cultural fate. Red means Blood, the recognition of the sacrifice and struggle of those before us. Another thing Green, White and Red is our famous Salsa Bandera, perfect to serve in any Mexican Party, Gathering or Game!

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