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The only picture I have with my entire family.

The Early Gatherings.

My parents moved from Albuquerque NM, to Ensenada, Mexico, pursuing their Scientific Careers. I was five at the time. Did you know Ensenada holds the most significant amount of scientific population per capita in all of Mexico’s territory? Apparently, the right place to go, for a couple of recently graduated Doctorates in the field of Marine Life.

Credits for CICESE(Scientific Research Center)  picture to

Even though my memories of that time are a little blurry; I do remember the place where we used to go to have our Sunday breakfast. I called it "huevito" (small egg). Being part of a nuclear family was never easy for a social butterfly like me. My parents have never been the social type. At least that's how I remember it for the longest time. One of the times I felt incredibly happy was when I was 8 or 9 years old, and it involved a gathering at my place. All our neighbors were there, my parents frying fish and thickly sliced potatoes in an outdoor Cazo Pan. Dad would play the guitar afterwards, and everyone would join in and sing, drink, laugh and have fun. I remember kids running around, playing hide and seek, dancing, having a good time.

All my amigos celebrating with me on my birthday.

26 years after, I made Nopales a la Mexicana in my first gathering with friends here in San Diego, in reminiscence of Mexican parties, in which this dish is a must-have! I hope you enjoy making and eating it as much as I do. Keep gathering up!

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